Professional Appraisal Services for Real Estate Donation in the Orleans Parish, LA Area

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There are several reasons why property owners may decide to donate real estate to charity. You may want to make a philanthropic contribution but lack the liquid assets to make a monetary donation. Or maybe you’re looking to downsize your real estate portfolio without worrying about high taxes.


Either way, property donation is another situation in which it’s important to get an expert appraisal. Donors of property with a fair market value of over $20,000 must submit an appraisal to claim this tax deduction when filing. If you’ve decided to donate a house or other residential property to a charity in the Orleans Parish, LA area, call Appraisers Now, Inc.


We have over 30 years of experience in the residential real estate industry, and we can provide you with an accurate valuation to help you maximize your tax deduction. Our professionals can make real estate donation a smooth process for you.

Why Donate a House to a Charitable Organization?

Don’t get stuck with a financially burdensome property—consider donating your less-than-profitable house, apartment complex, condominium, or manufactured home to a charitable organization!


Property donations can be extremely beneficial to the receiving charities, which often include service agencies, shelters, food banks, wildlife conservation centers, or any other organization needing additional space to operate—they yield financial benefits to real estate investors, too!


Donating a house or other residential property to a charitable organization could make you eligible for a fair market value tax deduction.

We Can Help You Get Your Property Donation Started Today

Donating unwanted property is a great way to help local charities and the populations they serve. If you’re looking to make a difference in the Orleans Parish, LA community and get rid of costly properties that you no longer need, take the first step and call Appraisers Now, Inc. We’ll provide you with a dependable appraisal that will smooth your real estate donation process.

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